Power and Input – 120-240 VAC 50/60 Hz 200W

-USB interface – Modbus comunication

Temperature Setting – 50 °C – 700 °C

Usable Flowrate – 0 – 5 L/min (STP)

H x M x D (mm) – 139 x 438 x 280

Weight (kg) – 7.6


The S8000 Particle Sintering Device is not only engineered to complement the Silver Particle Generator (SPG) for creating large, spherical silver particles but is also designed for versatile thermal treatment applications.

With the S8000, you can thermally treat solid particles within an aerosol, ranging from reshaping particle agglomerates to altering chemical compositions through temperature control. Our device offers precise temperature regulation up to 700°C, ensuring reliable and safe thermal treatment processes.

Equipped with a user-friendly interface, the S8000 allows you to set and maintain desired temperatures via USB communication port. The device accommodates various aerosols and offers a long residence time for effective thermal treatment, while ensuring user safety with cooling mechanisms.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of thermal treatment with the S8000 Particle Sintering Device, your trusted solution for diverse aerosol thermal processing needs.

How it works?


Designed with quality, this device facilitates the sintering process by heating particles to temperatures of up to 700 °C, while ensuring a long residence time in the heated zone.

The particles entering the device are heated up to the desired temperature (max. 700 °C) and kept at this temperature level for a defined amount of time (so-called residence time; it is set by temperature and gas flow rate through the device).

TEM Image of non-sintered silver particles generated with the SPG by Eidgenössisches Institut für Metrologie METAS.

TEM image of silver particles generated with the SPG and sintered with S8000 operating at 700°C by Eidgenössisches Institut für Metrologie METAS.

Note: To optimize the sintering effect, the residence time of the particles in the hot volume has been maximized by engineering a large, heated volume. Sufficient cooling tubing after the hot section makes sure, that the aerosol exits the S8000 housing at a safe and usable temperature level (< 50 °C).

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