The new SPG produces an inert, solid aerosol (2.5 nm – 200 nm) of spherical or aggregate silver particles, reliably and quickly generated, stable to within a few percent, day-after-day.

The SPG produce very high concentrations of solid aerosol particles, used in the calibration of CPCs (ISO 27891:2015), PMP (VPR systems, PN-PEMS), filter penetration tests, mask testing, emissions studies, air quality studies, and as a reliable and quantified seed aerosol for complex experiments.

The S8000 Particle Sintering Device is not only engineered to complement the Silver Particle Generator (SPG) for creating large, spherical silver particles but is also designed for versatile thermal treatment applications.

With the S8000, you can thermally treat solid particles within an aerosol, ranging from reshaping particle agglomerates to altering chemical compositions through temperature control. Our device offers precise temperature regulation up to 700°C, ensuring reliable and safe thermal treatment processes.

A Catalytic Stripper is a heated catalytic component employed to effectively remove the particulate and semi-volatile gas fraction of an aerosol.

Exhaust emissions from diesel, locomotive, and gas turbine engines contain a complex mixture of solid particles and semi-volatile substances found in both particulate and vapor phases. Catalytic stripper (CS) technology plays a pivotal role in enabling these measurements.

CVF100 Catalytic Vapor Filter, a hassle-free solution designed to seamlessly integrate with all standard CPC models. This plug-and-play device efficiently oxidizes the effluent CPC vapor, ensuring emissions are transformed into clean CO2 and H2O gas.

The CVF100 is an advanced and compact solution designed to meet the demands of environments where filtering butanol and other volatile substances is crucial. Its enhanced filtering capacity makes it ideal for users who require one CPC in operation.



The CVF500 is an advanced catalytic vapor filter offering enhanced filtration capacity for environments requiring efficient removal of butanol and other volatile substances, ideal for applications with multiple CPCs.

The CVF500 stands out as the optimal solution for users needing robust filtration of butanol and volatile substances, guaranteeing data precision and environmental security, especially in settings utilizing multiple CPCs. This makes it particularly advantageous for applications requiring the use of more than one CPC, ensuring seamless integration and reliable operation across all instruments.

HEPA filters, renowned for their efficiency in eliminating contaminant particles from gas streams, boast a removal rate exceeding 99.97% for particles approximately 0.3 µm in diameter, with even greater effectiveness for larger and smaller particles.

These filters find diverse applications, including pre-filtering particles upstream of gas analyzers and sensitive devices like flowmeters, as well as purifying instrument effluents to prevent contamination in ambient or cleanroom settings. Available in various sizes, our HEPA filters offer convenient inline connection options for seamless integration into your processes.

27th ETH Nanoparticles Conference (NPC-24)

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