MI-TRAP project kick-off meeting: 26 Partners unite to provide  Urban Air Quality Innovative Solutions for Europe!

🚀 We’re excited to announce that Catalytic Instruments is participating in the MI-TRAP project (Mitigating Traceability of Pollutants from Transport Emissions), a new initiative under Horizon Europe. The project kicked off on February 6th, 2024, and is funded under the European Commission’s Horizon Innovation Action – Climate, Energy, and Mobility.

💡 With a comprehensive budget of 5.5 million euros over 4 years, MI-TRAP is coordinated by Kostas Eleftheriades from the National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos”. Bringing together 26 international partners, MI-TRAP aims to enhance the understanding and management of air quality issues in urban areas impacted by transport emissions, while developing innovative solutions for urban air quality challenges. 🍃

🌟 We are delighted to be part of this impactful project!

+About the project: https://mitrap-project.eu/the-project/


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