Silver Particle Generator (SPG)


GMD range: 1- 70 nm

> 1000 #/cc from 2 – 200nm downstream of DMA

GSD range: 1.15 – 1.4
High stability solid aerosol generation

~ 1 % in number and concentration

Flow: 2 – 20 L/min

Power: 90–240V 50/60Hz

Weight: 20 kg


  • User-configurable set points
  • 15 min warm up
  • 5 min mode change
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The SPG produces a stable and high concentration solid aerosol at the touch of a button

Wouldn’t it be nice if every time you went to use your aerosol generator, you could be guaranteed of its output concentration and size distribution? For years, it has been a challenge to reliably produce very high concentrations of solid aerosol particles, used in the calibration of CPCs (ISO 27891:2015), PMP (VPR systems, PN-PEMS), filter penetration tests, mask testing, emissions studies, air quality studies, and as a reliable and quantified seed aerosol for complex experiments. This time is over now. 

 Features and benefits

  • Short warm-up time (< 15 mins)
  • Wide particle size range (2.5 nm – 200 nm)
  • High concentrations ( > 1 x 107 #/cm3)
  • Remote data logging (USB, WLAN, LAN)
  • Stable and repeatable (±1%)
  • One-touch presets for quick select size modes with customisable settings 
  • Use N2 or compressed air


  • CPC calibration (ISO 27891, CENS)
  • Euro VI and VII PMP compliance testing
  • PCRF & VPR validation
  • PN-PEMS calibrations
  • Mask filtration efficiency studies
  • Line-loss measurements
  • Filter loading
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